HPM Mission Ambassadors

Calling all social media enthusiasts! We invite you to help us share the love of public media with everyone by joining Houston Public Media's Mission Ambassador Team. You can use your social media powers for good by spreading the word about the work we accomplish year-round, every single day.

Houston Public Media's Mission Ambassador Team is a growing digital community of public media fans across greater Houston. At the heart of this initiative is celebrating our programs, content and public service to the greater Houston region.

When you sign up to be a mission ambassador, you'll help maximize our social reach and tell our story of transforming ourselves, our community and our world.

Together we do it, for the love of Houston!

Ways to Engage


Share updates about Houston Public Media's service to the community

Message bubbles

Share your personal connections to public media


Sport a car decal on your commute around town

Speaking group

Connect with fellow ambassadors through fun engagement opportunities

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