Houston Public Media’s New Approach to Fundraising

Do Your Part to Support Houston Public Media

In an attempt to eschew the interruptions and special programming during TV 8's next fundraising drive, Houston Public Media will run short messages between regular programming asking viewers to "Do Your Part" and donate a small portion of the cost of the shows they already watch.

"To give our viewers the opportunity to do their part we have broken down the cost per hour for our core programming, and then divided it by the number of viewing households," said Stephanie Baumgarte, Manager of On-Air Fundraising for TV 8.

Baumgarte said the change was precipitated by the viewers who call and write during what has traditionally been TV campaign.

"We are so willing to try something new," Baumgarte said. "We have heard the requests to stay true to who we are even during pledge," she continued, "Now, we need our viewers to respond to this new style of fundraising."

Following in the footsteps of Vegas PBS, the "Do Your Part" campaign is a unique concept that will be tested for the first time in Houston, a market nearly twice the size of Las Vegas.

TV 8 program must buys to best serve Greater Houston:  News & Public Affairs Programs ($50); Children's Programs ($41); Arts Programs ($122); How-To Programs ($65); Documentary & History Programs ($70) *average costs per viewer per hour

"We appreciate the large base of loyal viewers out there in Houston," said Amy Marks, Director of Membership Development and Donor Services, "So we're excited to try this out."

As for the new concept, Marks thinks people will respond to a more democratic approach.

"It really is a more equitable way to ask for donations," said Marks, "We are only asking each household to cover the cost of bringing the show to them instead of donating in exchange for thank you gifts."

Baumgarte is also confident that viewers will respond positively to the new fundraising concept.

"The donations we are asking for are modest," Baumgarte said, "for some shows it is as little as $41 per year, which gives every household an opportunity to do their part."

Houston Public Media's financial strength comes from loyal community support.  It is people like you who make TV 8|PBS, News 88.7|NPR and Classical possible in Houston.  Please do your part!

The "Do Your Part" campaign begins July 31 and continues through August 13.

Do Your Part and make your donation now!