• What is a company matching donation?
  • A corporate matching donation, or matching gift, is when a person makes a donation to a non-profit organization and their employer donates an additional amount, often equal or greater than the employee's donation. A matching gift is a great way for a donor to increase their contribution to Houston Public Media!
  • How do I find out if my employer offers a matching gift program?
  • Search for your company on our matching gifts page. If you don’t see it, ask your HR representative if your company has a matching program. If they don't yet have one, please ask them to consider starting one.
  • How do I apply for a matching gift?
  • If your company name appears in the search results our matching gifts page, click on it for application information. If no online application form is provided, ask your HR representative for the form.
  • Where should I send completed matching forms?
  • Houston Public Media Foundation
    PO Box 3626
    Houston, TX 77253-3626
  • What happens after I send in the form?
  • After we receive the form, we'll complete our portion, verifying your donation, and return it to your employer. In turn, they'll send an additional donation to us on your behalf.
  • How much can be matched?
  • Be sure to note the maximum and minimum amount your employer will match, and the deadline to request a matching gift (both vary by company). You should be able to find all of that information on our matching gifts page.
  • I'm a sustainer, or I give monthly. Can I still have my donations matched?
  • Sure! Most businesses have you submit your yearly total to match, but please consult with your HR representative. We do send our sustainers and monthly donors an annual donation summary at the end of January for tax purposes; this is also a handy list to submit for a match.
  • What if I made a donation recently but didn’t apply for a matching gift at the time?
  • Many employers will still match your gift after it’s made; ask them about their requirements.
  • Are there any tips on how I can make sure my matching gift is processed successfully?
  • Yes, there are! The first and last name on your donor account should be identical to the employee name used to submit the matching gift request. If possible, include your original donation ID with the match request.
  • My employer lists this matching gift as ‘paid' – what’s the holdup?
  • A status of “paid” means the employer has approved the match and will include it in the next check they cut. Most employers issue checks on a quarterly basis.
  • Does a matched gift count toward Houston Public Media membership? How does matching impact my tax receipt?
  • As a gift from your company, matching does not count towards your Houston Public Media membership. Matching gifts will not impact your tax receipt from Houston Public Media.
  • What if I have other questions about matching gifts?
  • Don't hesitate to contact us with questions at 713.743.8483 or membership@houstonpublicmedia.org