Some stores contribute a percentage of your purchases to Houston Public Media. This is great way to donate while you shop for everyday items.

Please take just 5 minutes to sign up for our affiliate programs below.

Walmart’s Spark Good Round Up Program

Walmart's Spark Good Round Up Program

Link your online Walmart account with Houston Public Media Foundation by using this link: Once you select Houston Public Media as the charity of your choice, you will be prompted to log into your online Walmart account. When you are ready to checkout, you will have the option to Round Up your purchase amount and donate the “change” to Houston Public Media.

KROGER Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards

Link your Kroger Rewards Card to Houston Public Media, #SH748, and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to us. Be sure to use your Kroger Rewards Card each time you shop there to ensure your purchases are linked to Houston Public Media. *Once your card is linked, you will not have to do so again until the following year. Participants must re-enroll their Kroger Plus card annually.


RANDALLS Good Neighbor Program

Randalls Good Neighbor Program

Connect your Randalls Card to Houston Public Media, #3280. You will need to print out the application form and submit it to your local Randall’s service desk or email it to Once your Rewards card is linked to Houston Public Media, that’s it! Every time you make a purchase using your Rewards card, the total purchase will be automatically credited to Houston Public Media.