Mexico’s president is reversing energy reforms, hurting his country’s oil production – and the U.S.

Posted on · President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is using administrative measures to undermine the free-market reforms enacted in 2013. As a result, Mexican oil production is now more than 1 million barrels short of where the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected it would be if the reforms were fully implemented.


State Rep. Garnet Coleman endorses Jolanda Jones as his successor, despite a vow to stay on the sidelines

Posted on · Coleman previously declined to endorse any candidate in the first round of the Democratic primary. He’s now asking supporters to back Jones over Danielle Keys Bess in both the May 7 special election and the May 24 primary runoff.


Harris County elections administrator announces her resignation after 2022 primary election problems

Posted on · Longoria came under fire after her office took more than 24 hours to tally votes, and missed 10,000 mail-in ballots in the final unofficial count. Longoria has also been sued by the county GOP.