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Houston is singular. From our food to our diverse cultural influences to the quirky and lovely characters who call this region home. Goat Yoga? Check. Arabic Karaoke? Check. Mockingbird and Armadillo is a new digital series from Houston Public Media that captures the special qualities of Houston in a fun and thoughtful way – storytelling for the digital age.

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INT- 134 Halloween at CMH.00_00_30_03.Still076

WATCH: Halloween Grosstopia | Mockingbird And Armadillo

How to make a gross and slimy Halloween complete!

INT- 133 Recipe For Success.00_01_09_20.Still070

WATCH: A Recipe For Success | Mockingbird and Armadillo

One local foundation is helping our children to learn how to make healthier dietary choices.

INT- 130 Golf Coast.00_00_35_25.Still043

WATCH: Golf Coast | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Fore! he's a golly good gulf-er...

INT- 127 Zoo Babies.00_00_42_20.Still040

WATCH: Adorable Zoo Babies | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Animal Babies: First Year on Earth & NOVA fans will enjoy seeing our local animal babies...

INT- 128 Improv Class.00_01_28_00.Still034

WATCH: Can Ernie Improv? | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Laughter is in the air, as is self-confidence, public speaking skills, and the ability to handle multi-tasking!

INT- 126 Thrift Stores.00_00_52_29.Still027

WATCH: Secrets Of Resale Shopping | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Tricks and tips from an Antiques Roadshow appraiser!

INT- 125 Chocolate Chip Cookies.00_01_09_06.Still014

WATCH: Learn To Make The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie | Mockingbird And Armadillo

August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day - Let's Celebrate!

INT-124 Ice Cream Dreams clean 010223;17

WATCH: Ice Cream Dreams | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Can our Ice Cream expert create Ernie's choice of flavors - Manhattan Cocktail!

INT- 123 Healthcare Games.00_01_53_28.Still005

WATCH: Healthcare Games to Save the World

Healthcare? There's an app for that.

INT-122 Hipster Haircuts clean 010241;03

WATCH – Hipster Haircut: Mockingbird and Armadillo

Ernie Manouse stops in for a trim and a story or two ...


WATCH: Inside the Astronauts Homes | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Visit Timber Cove in Seabrook, Texas - The Home of Heroes!

INT-120 Cooking with Beer 010013;28

Cooking with Beer | Mockingbird and Armadillo

We all know about making brats with beer... but what about pizza???

INT-119 Cat Cafe 010114;09

WATCH: MeWOW, It’s A Cat Cafe! | Mockingbird & Armadillo

This place is in a CAT-agory all it's own!

Hurricane Supplies

WATCH: Hurricane Shopping | Mockingbird And Armadillo

Hurricane Season is here! Do you have what you need to be safe and secure?

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