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Female-identified person who is sexually and romantically attracted to other women.


Male-identified person who is sexually and romantically attracted to other men.


Once defined as romantically or sexually attracted to men and women, many bisexuals today say they are attracted to all genders and/or sexes.


A person whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.


An umbrella term that includes all sexual and gender minorities, including those that do not fit into, or reach beyond, the LGBT terms.


Someone who is exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


People born with anatomy or chromosomal makeup that doesn’t correspond to male or female.


Can be attracted to members of all gender identities and biological sexes.

Two Spirit

A term some indigenous people use to describe their gender, sexual or spiritual identity.


Does not experience sexual attraction, but can have a romantic, emotional, or aesthetic attraction to another person.


Does not identify as LGBTQ, but supports the rights and safety of those who do.

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