Funding Texas Schools: Fair Or Falling Short?

Texas is in the middle of a court battle over how to fund public schools. It's a cycle that happens about once a decade. The latest case is before the Texas Supreme Court after a judge ruled the current school finance system unconstitutional. Decades of costly court fights and political battles have created a system that many contend fails to provide an adequate education for the state’s neediest students. Many children are from low-income families and are still learning English — two fast-growing groups in Texas. This series explores one of the fundamental questions in the decades-long debate: Is school funding in Texas fair? Or is it falling short?

Fair or Falling Short

How A Dad Helped Start The Fight For Better Public School Funding In Texas

Posted on · Texas has a long history of lawsuits over public school funding, with the latest saga reaching the Texas Supreme Court. But one of the earliest chapters starts with one family on the west side of San Antonio. In part one of our series, we explore how the legal fight started by Demetrio Rodriguez continues today.

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