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Flood Focus, a project from Houston Public Media

Flood Focus

Posted on · At Houston Public Media, we know you're concerned about flooding and have questions about the way our region is coping with the threat of future floods. We want your help as we continue to cover this issue. Loading...


Reporter’s Notebook from Pakistan

Posted on · Houston Public Media/News 88.7 Education Reporter Laura Isensee is traveling to Pakistan courtesy of ICFJ—the International Center for Journalists. The cultural exchange is designed to educate journalists about the media and the government in both countries. Houston Public Media/News 88.7 hosted Pakistani journalists in 2014 and introduced them to U.S. media practices, American life and […]

The Abortion Training Taboo

Posted on · This investigation reveals how the political battle over reproductive rights has penetrated academic medicine in Texas, forcing abortion training of new doctors ever deeper into the shadows. Some medical professors fear a future where there won't be enough trained obstetrician-gynecologists in Texas to provide abortion.

Voices and Verses: A Poem-a-Day Series

Voices and Verses: A Poem-A-Day Series

Posted on · April is National Poetry Month. We celebrate with profiles and poems of local poets. This series features more than 80 Houston and Texas-based poets recorded from 2016 to the present.

Reinventing Texas Education banner

Reinventing Texas Education

Posted on · Katie BriggsBack-to-school in 2014 means big changes for students in Texas. Incoming freshmen will follow new high school graduation plans that include majors — or endorsements. Plus, there's less standardized testing and more vocational classes. It's all part of HB5, or House Bill 5. The new law makes some of the biggest changes to education […]

The Million

Posted on · In Harris County, more than a million residents — one in four — are foreign-born and continue to be drawn to Houston. News 88.7 joins the Houston Chronicle and La Voz in an ongoing series to explore how immigrants are transforming Houston.

Boom In Oil And Traffic Deaths

Posted on · Nationwide, oilfield workers are far more likely to die on the road than other workers. Meanwhile, Texas has become the deadliest state in total traffic fatalities during the last five years. The rise in deaths are taking place during the state's ongoing fracking boom. This series explores why there are so many oilfield-related traffic deaths […]


Rerouting Houston Buses

Posted on · On August 16, Metro is launching a major bus route redesign. The intention is to boost ridership and remove vehicles from already crowded roads. But for some riders, it could mean a longer walk to get on a bus and more time to get to their destinations. Our series will look at the impact on […]

Metro Light Rail

Houston’s New Tracks

Posted on · Gail DelaughterHouston’s two new light rail lines run from downtown to the East End and Southeast Houston. Our series looks at the development of Houston’s commuter rail system, how it's designed to interact with vehicles and the way some riders plan to use it.

Development Divide Series Logo

Development Divide

Posted on · Robust growth has led to the sprawling metropolis that is Greater Houston today. But some developers are now looking to the urban core for their projects, many in the middle of some long standing communities. At the same time, development continues to push further out into surrounding counties, disrupting a rural lifestyle. As part of […]

state of Texas carrying a backpack

Funding Texas Schools: Fair Or Falling Short?

Posted on · Art by Michelle PorucznikTexas is in the middle of a court battle over how to fund public schools. It's a cycle that happens about once a decade. The latest case is before the Texas Supreme Court after a judge ruled the current school finance system unconstitutional. Decades of costly court fights and political battles have […]