Teacher turnover is a controversial part of Houston ISD reforms. It’s a feature, not a side effect

Posted on · Parents and teachers continue to speak out against reforms and turnover in Houston’s public school system. The protests intensified this week as the state-appointed leaders of Houston ISD removed more teachers from their schools. The debate over these types of reforms is not new — even in Houston.  


‘It’s irresponsible’: Students in Katy ISD speak up against LGBTQ book bans, policies

Posted on · Three new members joined Katy ISD’s school board in May that have since removed books with LGBTQ characters from the district’s libraries at a record pace and passed a controversial gender fluidity policy. Many LGBTQ students in the district say they feel marginalized.

John Whitmire


John Whitmire’s plan to bring DPS troopers to Houston has yielded mixed results in Austin and Dallas

Posted on · State Senator John Whitmire wants to bring 200 DPS troopers to Houston to aid local police if he’s elected mayor. Local officials in Austin and Dallas say DPS deployments in those cities led to racially targeted traffic stops and arrests.


‘It gave us a feeling of power’: Some Montrose residents revive LGBTQ watch group, Q Patrol as crimes against community increase

Posted on · The original Q Patrol was active in the 90s and early 2000s, but disbanded after the LGBTQ community gained more rights. But now, with the increase in hate crimes and state laws that take away LGBTQ rights, some Montrose residents are bringing the patrol group back.


A new state law requires schools to have armed guards. But many are having a hard time hiring officers.

Posted on · The state allotted a total of $15,000 per campus to fulfill the requirements of HB 3, while the going rate for armed security guards with the necessary training can hover around $85,000 in parts of the state.


Teachers have mixed feelings about Houston ISD reforms under Mike Miles, from ‘I hate it’ to ‘Just support it’

Posted on · Houston public school students start class on Monday, when the sweeping reforms enacted by state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles will be put to the test. Their teachers are already at work, learning the ins and outs of the so-called “New Education System” — and many of them are critical of the changes. 


Judge temporarily blocks law abolishing Harris County elections administrator’s office; Texas AG files appeal

Posted on · Senate Bill 1750 was set to take effect September 1. It would require the county to get rid of its appointed elections administrator and shift the office’s functions back to the elected county clerk and county tax assessor-collector.


Houston ISD parents and students fear Mike Miles’ reforms will tear the community fabric of their public schools

Posted on · It’s been just over two months since the Texas Education Agency replaced the elected board and superintendent of Houston’s public school system with hand-picked managers. As major reforms sweep the district, many parents and educators are worried about losing intergenerational connections in their public schools. 


‘We’re the ones who our families depend on’: It’s been a record-breaking summer in Texas. For these workers, they have no choice but to face the heat

Posted on · As temperatures continue to climb and reach new heights throughout the Houston area, those who work outdoors aren't spared from the oppressive heat. While many get relief by air conditioning, outdoor workers spend a majority of their days outside. These are their stories, told by them.

Civil Rights

Galveston County’s redistricting plans go to trial next month, in a major test of the Voting Rights Act

Posted on · A trio of lawsuits, consolidated as Petteway versus Galveston County, will be the first significant voting rights trial since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a ban on racial discrimination in redistricting in June.