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Fire Triangle

In the past two years, half a dozen chemical disasters have ripped apart Texas neighborhoods, sent dozens of people to the hospital and killed unsuspecting bystanders as well as workers. Texas Public Radio and Houston Public Media spent the better part of 2020 investigating these events to answer the question: why do so many chemical disasters keep happening in Texas, and what—if anything—is being done to prevent more?

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One-third of Texas foster care caseworkers left their jobs last year as the agency continued putting kids in hotels

Posted on · The Department of Family and Protective Services has increasingly relied on housing foster kids in hotels when it can’t find them a home. In the 2022 fiscal year, after record staff turnover, more than 1 in 4 caseworkers had less than one year of experience.

Paxton Whistleblowers


Ken Paxton whistleblowers call on Texas Supreme Court to revive lawsuit over stalled payment

Posted on · The attorney general – who was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial earlier this month – settled with the four former employees in February for $3.3 million, but the Texas Legislature has so far declined to approve the funds.