Audio Vignettes

Audio vignettes produced by Texas Public Radio in San Antonio, honoring Native American & Alaskan Native Heritage Month.

TV 8 Programming

  • Thursday, November 2
    10pmLittle Bird: Burning Down the House
  • Friday, November 3
    10pmGroundworks 11pmNative America: Nature to Nations
  • Tuesday, November 7
    8pmNative America: Women Rule
  • Wednesday, November 8
    10pmNova: Nazca Desert Mystery
  • Thursday, November 9
    10pmLittle Bird: I Want My Mom
  • Friday, November 10
    11pmNative America: Cities of the Sky
  • Tuesday, November 14
    8pmNative America: Language Is Life
  • Thursday, November 16
    10pmLittle Bird: Bineshi Kwe
  • Friday, November 17
    11pmNative America: New World Rising