2018 Writers Contest Entry Form

Child and Parent/Guardian Information

Entry Details

Word Count Range:
Grades K-1: minimum 50, maximum 200
Grades 2-3: minimum 100, maximum 350

Contest Rules and Regulations

  • Only one entry per child
  • Only single author stories (no co-authors)
  • Story must be original work of the child
  • Original art can include drawings, collages, 3-D and photos taken by the author
  • Story may be fact or fiction, prose or poetry •Text must be printed/written legibly or typed
  • Children who can’t write may dictate their story to be printed or typed
  • Invented spelling is accepted
  • Story text may be on pages with the illustrations or on separate pages
  • Non-English text must be translated into English text on the same page and the translated English text must adhere to the word count
  • Word count includes “a” “an” “the” but not words on nonstory pages (e.g. title page) or those that enhance illustrations

For School Entries by Teacher

Online Entry and Printable Confirmation

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Printable Version

A printable PDF of this form is available here.