Houston Public Media PBS KIDS Writers Contest
2018 Winners and Finalists

Rank Grade Name Story City
FIRST PLACE Kindergarten Ana Sofia Munoz Lala and Max Houston
Finalist Kindergarten Minah Saravanos Don’t Stop Trying Houston
Finalist Kindergarten Liam Tinder Don’t Judge a Fish by His Teeth Houston
Finalist Kindergarten Sirac Aktepe The Brave Family Missouri City
Finalist Kindergarten Aasiya Yar Khan Snowy, The Cat Missouri City
Finalist Kindergarten Ziyah Moore The Butterfly and the Bee Missouri City
Finalist Kindergarten Aleena Hussain The Old Flower Richmond
Finalist Kindergarten Maryam Afridi My Spring Break with My Family Sugar Land
Finalist Kindergarten Aziz Al-Rehman My First Spring Garden Sugar Land
FIRST PLACE 1st Grade Atharv Gupt The Blue Mango Houston
Finalist 1st Grade Tala Khayyal Stella’s Mars Mission Houston
Finalist 1st Grade Adarsh Mohanty** The Hunter and the Doves Houston
Finalist 1st Grade Zoe Ralhan A Home for Coco Houston
Finalist 1st Grade Aditya P. Jetti The Summer on the Pond Missouri City
Finalist 1st Grade Danya Ghuneim** A Butterfly, A Moth, & the Magical Sky Pearland
FIRST PLACE 2nd Grade Akshita Cheraku Spring in My Neighborhood Sugar Land
Finalist 2nd Grade Hana Iqbal A Dolphin In Space! Cypress
Finalist 2nd Grade Amelia Blouin Poems by Me Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Mary Brush Ciro’s Day (a true Italian story) Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Gia DiSantis Roly Poly’s Permission Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Emma Goto** Adventure In the Botanical Garden Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Evan Lan A Tooth’s Idea: A Tooth That Wants to be Free Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Everett Turner** The Little Boy Houston
Finalist 2nd Grade Deven Almaguer It’s OK To Be Different Missouri City
Finalist 2nd Grade Munir Moore** The Dinosuar Who Wanted to be BRAVE Missouri City
Finalist 2nd Grade Sana Kale Bloom Spring
Finalist 2nd Grade Rania Mansoor Chughtai Coco and Bella Sugar Land
Finalist 2nd Grade Ateeb M. Hilal The Lonely Little Kitten Jack! Sugar Land
Finalist 2nd Grade Abhinav Nambi I Won’t Write a Story Sugar Land
Finalist 2nd Grade Yosef Sagar The Mystery of the Magical Bag Sugar Land
FIRST PLACE 3rd Grade Yutia Li** Simon, My Younger Brother Houston
Finalist 3rd Grade Emanuela Nwaonu Amazing Dallas Houston
Finalist 3rd Grade Meera Patel Unicorny Houston
Finalist 3rd Grade Avika Puri** The Magic of a Hug Houston
Finalist 3rd Grade Emily Yen The Challenge Houston
Finalist 3rd Grade Reva Dastidar** Can You Really Make A Frog Bark? Katy
Finalist 3rd Grade Ali Marfani** Sundae World Richmond
Finalist 3rd Grade Aisha Hilal Cookies Go To School Sugar Land
Finalist 3rd Grade Saad Hilal** A Summer That Changed My Life Sugar Land
Finalist 3rd Grade Vrishni Venkata Krishnan** The Greedy Goblin Sugar Land

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