Playlist for Sunday, May 15, 2022

  • 12:00 am: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist

    • 12:01 am: Ballade No. 1

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Ensembles: Canadian Brass
      Catalog Information: Opening Day 7415
    • 12:06 am: Three Romances

      Composer: Clara Schumann
      Performer: Sarah Frisof, flute
      Catalog Information: Furious Artisan 6826
    • 12:18 am: String Quartet No. 13

      Composer: Antonin Dvorak
      Ensembles: Emerson String Quartet
      Catalog Information: DG 14106
    • 12:56 am: In Sentimental Mood

      Composer: Florence Price
      Performer: Lara Downes, piano
      Catalog Information: Flipside 18
    • 1:01 am: Intermezzo for String Trio

      Composer: Zoltan Kodaly
      Ensembles: Domus
      Catalog Information: Virgin 45015
    • 1:06 am: Printemps (Spring)

      Composer: Claude Debussy
      Ensembles: Radio Luxembourg Orchestra
      Conductor: Louis de Froment
      Catalog Information: Vox 5053
    • 1:23 am: Azul

      Composer: Osvaldo Golijov
      Ensembles: The Knights
      Performer: Yo-Yo Ma, cello
      Catalog Information: Warner 87521
    • 1:52 am: Wave Radiance

      Composer: Phillip Houghton
      Ensembles: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
      Catalog Information: LAGQ 2022
    • 2:01 am: Summer Evening: Waltz

      Composer: Oscar Merikanto
      Ensembles: Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conductor: Leif Segerstam
      Catalog Information: Ondine 932
    • 2:06 am: Pieta

      Composer: Ulysses Kay
      Ensembles: Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
      Performer: Anna Mattix, English horn
      Conductor: JoAnn Falletta
      Catalog Information: Beau Fleuve 998579
    • 2:16 am: Concerto for Wind Quintet

      Composer: Valerie Coleman
      Ensembles: Imani Winds
      Catalog Information: Koch 7599
    • 2:32 am: A Single Petal of a Rose

      Composer: Duke Ellington
      Performer: Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 460811
    • 2:36 am: String Quartet No. 63 "Sunrise"

      Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
      Ensembles: Alban Berg Quartet
      Catalog Information: EMI 56166
    • 3:01 am: Cello Suite No. 4: Allemande

      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
      Performer: Amit Peled, cello
      Catalog Information: CTM 15090
    • 3:06 am: Piano Sonata

      Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
      Performer: Marc-Andre Hamelin, piano
      Catalog Information: Hyperion 68381
    • 3:21 am: Air and Dance for Strings

      Composer: Frederick Delius
      Ensembles: London Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conductor: Vernon Handley
      Catalog Information: Chandos 8330
    • 3:27 am: Quintet for Oboe, Clarinet and String Trio

      Composer: Ruth Gipps
      Performer: Peter Cigleris, clarinet
      Catalog Information: Somm 641
    • 3:54 am: Upon Your Heart

      Composer: Eleanor Daley
      Ensembles: Chapel Choir of Pembroke College, Cambridge
      Conductor: Anna Lapwood
      Catalog Information: Signum 642
    • 4:01 am: Air to Breath

      Composer: Daniel Bjarnason
      Performer: Gyda Valtysdottir, cello
      Catalog Information: Dorian 70012
    • 4:06 am: Chaconne

      Composer: George Frideric Handel
      Ensembles: Gray & Pearl Guitar Duo
      Catalog Information: Dorian 90209
    • 4:19 am: Six Epigraphes Antiques

      Composer: Claude Debussy
      Ensembles: Lyon National Orchestra
      Conductor: Jun Markl
      Catalog Information: Naxos 572568
    • 4:39 am: Piano Sonata

      Composer: Franz Schubert
      Performer: Radu Lupu, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 440295
    • 5:01 am: Lyrical Serenade

      Composer: Edward Elgar
      Ensembles: Bournemouth Sinfonietta
      Conductor: Norman Del Mar
      Catalog Information: Chandos 8371
    • 5:06 am: Nocturne No. 1

      Composer: Frederic Chopin
      Performer: Maria Joao Pires, piano
      Catalog Information: DG 447096
    • 5:12 am: Evensongs: Abide Canons

      Composer: Ingram Marshall
      Ensembles: Maia Quartet
      Catalog Information: New Albion 92
    • 5:20 am: Serenade No. 11

      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
      Ensembles: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
      Catalog Information: DG 431683
    • 5:46 am: Flute Concerto

      Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
      Ensembles: Berlin Baroque Soloists
      Performer: Emmanuel Pahud, flute
      Conductor: Rainer Kussmaul
      Catalog Information: EMI 57397
  • 6:00 am: Pipedreams

    Celebrating more than thirty years on the air, Pipedreams is the only weekly radio program that explores the full range of the art and potential of the pipe organ.

  • 7:00 am: With Heart and Voice

    With Heart and Voice presents sacred music that spans the full range of Western classical music, from the Gothic period through the 21st century, with occasional surprises from the non-western tradition.

    Program Playlist

    • 7:00 am: Theme Music: Trumpet Tune in D

      Composer: David N. Johnson
      Performer: "Peter DuBois, organ"
      Catalog Information: Private Recording n/a
    • 7:01 am: "Allein Gott, in der Hoh sei Her"

      Composer: J P Sweelinck
      Performer: "Christopher Herrick, organ"
      Catalog Information: HYPERION CDA67421/2
    • 7:06 am: Laetatus sum

      Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
      Performer: Green Mountain Project
      Catalog Information: OLDE FOCUS FCR918
    • 7:13 am: Duo Seraphim

      Composer: Claudio Monteverdi
      Performer: Green Mountain Project
      Catalog Information: OLDE FOCUS FCR918
    • 7:21 am: Echo Fantasia

      Composer: J P Sweelinck
      Performer: "Aude Huertemerte, organ"
      Catalog Information: RAVEN OAR-152
    • 7:26 am: In te Domini speravi

      Composer: J P Sweelinck
      Performer: "Trinity College Chapel Choir, Cambridge"
      Conductor: Richard Marlow
      Catalog Information: HYPERION CDA67103
    • 7:33 am: En Priere

      Composer: Gabriel Faure
      Performer: "Girl Choristers of All Saints', Northampton"
      Conductor: Edward Whiting
      Catalog Information: LAMMAS LAMM 170D
    • 7:36 am: Cantique de Jean Racine

      Composer: Gabriel Faure
      Performer: "Choir of All Saints' Church, Beverly Hills"
      Conductor: Dale Adelmann
      Catalog Information: GOTHIC G-49251
    • 7:43 am: "Geistliches Lied, Op. 30"

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Performer: Corydon Singers
      Conductor: Matthew Best
      Catalog Information: HYPERION CDA66389
    • 7:49 am: Prelude in G minor

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Performer: "Scott Hanoian, organ"
      Catalog Information: JAV JAV 170
    • 7:52 am: Fugue in G minor

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Performer: "Scott Hanoian, organ"
      Catalog Information: JAV JAV 170
  • 8:00 am: Sunday Baroque

    Sunday Baroque is a celebration of beloved and appealing music from the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it.

    Program Playlist

    • 8:01 am: Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine (Good day, good month, good year and good gifts)

      Performer: Pomerium
      Label: Deutsche Grammophon
    • 8:06 am: Sonata #1 in C RV2 "a Pisendel"

      Performer: Boston Museum Trio/Daniel Stepner - violin/Laura Jeppesen - viola da gamba/John Gibbons - harpsichord
      Label: Harmonia Mundi
    • 8:20 am: Concerto in C BWV1061 for 2 harpsichords

      Performer: Arion Baroque Ensemble/Hank Knox - harpsichord/Luc Beausejour - harpsichord
      Label: Early Music
    • 8:37 am: Si al nacer o minino

      Performer: The Newberry Consort, EnsAmble Ad-Hoc
      Label: Navona
    • 8:44 am: Concerts royaux: 2nd Concert in D

      Performer: Smithsonian Chamber Players/Christopher Krueger - flute, Stephen Hammer - oboe/James F. Weaver - harpsichord/Chiara Banchini - violin
      Label: Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
    • 9:01 am: Marche Militaire

      Performer: Stuttgart Brass Quartett
      Label: Hanssler
    • 9:04 am: Marche Royale

      Performer: Stuttgart Brass Quartett
      Label: Hanssler
    • 9:06 am: Polychoral Mass: Kyrie

      Performer: Chanticleer
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:09 am: Polychoral Mass: Gloria in Excelsis Deo

      Performer: Chanticleer
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:10 am: Polychoral Mass: Qui tollis peccata mundi

      Performer: Chanticleer
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:11 am: Polychoral Mass: Credo

      Performer: Chanticleer
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:17 am: Polychoral Mass: Sanctus

      Performer: Chanticleer
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:20 am: Partia #4 in Eb

      Performer: Rebel
      Label: Bridge
    • 9:30 am: Quartet TWV43:g3 (Concerto da camera) in g for recorder, 2 violins & b.c.

      Performer: Camerata Koln/Michael Schneider - recorder
      Label: cpo
    • 9:45 am: Violin Concerto in g RV331

      Performer: Venice Baroque/Giuliano Carmignola - baroque violin
      Label: Deutsche Grammophon/Archiv
  • 10:00 am: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist

    • 10:00 am: Symphony No. 28

      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
      Ensembles: London Mozart Players
      Conductor: Jane Glover
      Catalog Information: ASV 762
    • 10:01 am: Choro de Saudade

      Composer: Agustin Barrios
      Performer: David Russell, guitar
      Catalog Information: Telarc 80612
    • 10:06 am: Etude No. 3 "Tristesse"

      Composer: Frederic Chopin
      Performer: Ruth Slenczynska, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 485225
    • 10:13 am: Tragic Overture

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Ensembles: Berlin Philharmonic
      Conductor: Claudio Abbado
      Catalog Information: DG 429765
    • 10:27 am: Horn Concerto

      Composer: Leopold Mozart
      Ensembles: Swedish Chamber Orchestra
      Performer: Alec Frank-Gemmill, horn
      Conductor: Nicholas McGegan
      Catalog Information: Bis 2315
    • 10:43 am: En voyage

      Composer: Elizabeth Lutyens
      Ensembles: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conductor: Simon Joly
      Catalog Information: Lyrita 214
    • 11:01 am: The Running Set

      Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams
      Ensembles: Bournemouth Sinfonietta
      Conductor: George Hurst
      Catalog Information: Chandos 8432
    • 11:06 am: Fanfare for the Common Man

      Composer: Aaron Copland
      Ensembles: Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
      Conductor: Erich Kunzel
      Catalog Information: Telarc 80339
    • 11:10 am: Preludio No. 6

      Composer: Padre Jose Antonio de San Sebastian
      Performer: Sharon Isbin, guitar
      Catalog Information: Teldec 25736
    • 11:14 am: Keyboard Sonata

      Composer: Anna Bon di Venezia
      Performer: Sarah Cahill, piano
      Catalog Information: First Hand 151
    • 11:27 am: Idillio-Concertino

      Composer: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari
      Ensembles: Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra
      Performer: Humbert Lucarelli, oboe
      Conductor: Donald Spieth
      Catalog Information: Koch 7023
    • 11:49 am: Symphony No. 7

      Composer: William Boyce
      Ensembles: English Concert
      Conductor: Trevor Pinnock
      Catalog Information: Archiv 419631
    • 12:01 pm: The Mermaid Suite: Dance of 24 Mermaids

      Composer: Wu Zuqiang/Du Mingxin
      Ensembles: China National Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Zuohuang Chen
      Catalog Information: Philips 536326
    • 12:06 pm: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
      Ensembles: Il Giardino Armonico
      Conductor: Giovanni Antonini
      Catalog Information: Teldec 98442
    • 12:17 pm: The Ball of Beatrice d'Este: Courante

      Composer: Reynaldo Hahn
      Ensembles: Harmonie Ensemble
      Conductor: Steven Richman
      Catalog Information: Music & Arts 649
    • 12:23 pm: Piano Trio No. 3

      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
      Performer: Leif Ove Andsnes, piano
      Catalog Information: Sony 78333
    • 12:47 pm: Suffolk Suite

      Composer: Doreen Carwithen
      Ensembles: London Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Richard Hickox
      Catalog Information: Chandos 10365
    • 1:01 pm: La verita in cimento (The Truth Contested): Sinfonia

      Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
      Ensembles: The King's Violins
      Conductor: Mathieu Lussier
      Catalog Information: Atma 2602
    • 1:06 pm: Legend No. 2

      Composer: Antonin Dvorak
      Ensembles: Budapest Festival Orchestra
      Conductor: Ivan Fischer
      Catalog Information: Philips 464647
    • 1:12 pm: Krunk (The Crane)

      Composer: Gomidas Vartabed
      Ensembles: Aznavoorian Duo
      Catalog Information: Cedille 209
    • 1:16 pm: The Golden Cockerel (Le Coq d'or): Suite

      Composer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
      Ensembles: Seattle Symphony
      Conductor: Gerard Schwarz
      Catalog Information: Naxos 572787
    • 1:46 pm: String Quartet No. 2

      Composer: Maddalena Laura Sirmen
      Ensembles: Erato Quartet
      Catalog Information: CPO 999679
    • 2:01 pm: Octet: 3rd movement

      Composer: Jean Francaix
      Ensembles: Gaudier Ensemble
      Catalog Information: Hyperion 67036
    • 2:06 pm: William Tell: Overture

      Composer: Gioacchino Rossini
      Ensembles: Chamber Orchestra of Europe
      Conductor: Claudio Abbado
      Catalog Information: DG 431653
    • 2:19 pm: Flute Concerto No. 4

      Composer: Francois Devienne
      Ensembles: Munich Chamber Orchestra
      Performer: Andras Adorjan, flute
      Conductor: Hans Stadlmair
      Catalog Information: Tudor 1620
    • 2:36 pm: Mazurka

      Composer: Amy Beach
      Performer: Elena Urioste, violin
      Catalog Information: Chandos 20248
    • 2:40 pm: Suite Bergamasque

      Composer: Claude Debussy
      Ensembles: San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
      Conductor: Emil de Cou
      Catalog Information: Arabesque 6734
    • 3:01 pm: Scottish Rondo

      Composer: John Field
      Performer: Miceal O'Rourke, piano
      Catalog Information: Chandos 9315
    • 3:06 pm: Sonata No. 1

      Composer: George Frideric Handel
      Ensembles: London Baroque
      Catalog Information: Harmonia Mundi 901389
    • 3:13 pm: The Gumsuckers March

      Composer: Percy Grainger
      Ensembles: Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra
      Conductor: Timothy Reynish
      Catalog Information: Chandos 9549
    • 3:19 pm: Piano Concerto

      Composer: Dora Pejacevic
      Ensembles: BBC Symphony Orchestra
      Performer: Peter Donohoe, piano
      Conductor: Sakari Oramo
      Catalog Information: Chandos 5299
    • 3:50 pm: Das Rheingold: Entry of the Gods into Valhalla

      Composer: Richard Wagner
      Ensembles: London Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conductor: Adrian Boult
      Catalog Information: EMI 62539
  • 4:00 pm: Encore Houston

    Encore Houston is a weekly show featuring a concert recording from a local ensemble or performance organization in Houston. Each episode features the concert and brief commentary from host Joshua Zinn, with a preview of an upcoming performance by the featured organization at the end of the program.

  • 6:00 pm: From the Top

    Hosted by acclaimed pianist Christopher O’Riley, From the Top celebrates the amazing performances and captivating stories of extraordinary young classical musicians.


  • 7:06 pm: Music in the Making

    Classical 91.7 interns Joshua Zinn and Zoë Miller bring you a selection of faculty and student ensemble performances from the Moores School at the University of Houston and Rice University's Shepherd School.

  • 8:00 pm: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist

    • 8:00 pm: Barcarolle

      Composer: Frederic Chopin
      Performer: Garrick Ohlsson, piano
      Catalog Information: Arabesque 6686
    • 8:01 pm: English Idyll No. 2

      Composer: George Butterworth
      Ensembles: Halle Orchestra
      Conductor: Mark Elder
      Catalog Information: Halle 7503
    • 8:06 pm: Flute Sonata

      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
      Performer: Lara St. John, violin
      Catalog Information: Ancalagon 139
    • 8:20 pm: Idyll for String Orchestra

      Composer: Leos Janacek
      Ensembles: Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
      Conductor: Gerard Schwarz
      Catalog Information: Nonesuch 79033
    • 8:49 pm: String Quartet

      Composer: Germaine Tailleferre
      Ensembles: Stenhammar Quartet
      Catalog Information: Alba 431
    • 9:01 pm: Night Song

      Composer: Edward Elgar
      Ensembles: Bournemouth Sinfonietta
      Conductor: Norman Del Mar
      Catalog Information: Chandos 8371
    • 9:06 pm: Pavane

      Composer: Gabriel Faure
      Performer: Lisa Friend, flute
      Catalog Information: Chandos 20037
    • 9:15 pm: Fantasy

      Composer: Josef Suk
      Ensembles: Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra
      Performer: Julia Fischer, violin
      Conductor: Yakov Kreizberg
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 15535
    • 9:41 pm: Evening Music

      Composer: Robert Palmer
      Performer: Adam Tendler, piano
      Catalog Information: New World 80809
    • 9:44 pm: Fratres (Brothers)

      Composer: Arvo Part
      Ensembles: MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Kristjan Jarvi
      Catalog Information: Naive 5425
    • 10:01 pm: Sayyid Chant and Dance No. 29

      Composer: Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
      Performer: Serouj Kradjian, piano
      Catalog Information: Atma 2655
    • 10:06 pm: Canticle

      Composer: Jeff Beal
      Ensembles: Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra
      Performer: Jon Henrik Petersen, violin
      Conductor: Jeff Beal
      Catalog Information: Bis 2299
    • 10:13 pm: Canticles of the Holy Wind: Dream of the Hermit Thrush

      Composer: John Luther Adams
      Ensembles: The Crossing
      Performer: John Grecia, piano
      Conductor: Donald Nally
      Catalog Information: Cantaloupe 21131
    • 10:19 pm: Alleluia and Fugue for Strings

      Composer: Alan Hovhaness
      Ensembles: I Fiamminghi
      Conductor: Rudolf Werthen
      Catalog Information: Telarc 80392
    • 10:29 pm: Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp

      Composer: Claude Debussy
      Ensembles: Nash Ensemble
      Catalog Information: Virgin 61427
    • 10:48 pm: And the Swallow

      Composer: Caroline Shaw
      Ensembles: Ars Nova Copenhagen
      Conductor: Paul Hillier
      Catalog Information: Naxos 574281
    • 10:52 pm: A Place We Once Walked

      Composer: Roger Eno
      Ensembles: Scoring Berlin
      Performer: Roger Eno, piano
      Catalog Information: DG 486202
    • 11:01 pm: Music for Bill and Me

      Composer: Lou Harrison
      Performer: Karen Gottlieb, harp
      Catalog Information: Innova 927
    • 11:06 pm: Nocturnes

      Composer: Francis Poulenc
      Performer: Pascal Roge, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 425862
    • 11:27 pm: Theme and Variations

      Composer: Amy Beach
      Ensembles: Chamber Music Palm Beach
      Performer: Karen Fuller Dixon, flute
      Catalog Information: Klavier 11142
    • 11:50 pm: Elegy

      Composer: John Corigliano
      Ensembles: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Robert Spano
      Catalog Information: Telarc 80673

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