Playlist for Sunday, January 17, 2021

  • 12:00 am: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist

    • 12:01 am: Intermedio

      Composer: Vicente Arregui
      Performer: Roberto Moronn Perez, guitar
      Catalog Information: Reference 705
    • 12:06 am: Symphony

      Composer: Johann Vanhal
      Ensembles: London Mozart Players
      Conductor: Matthias Bamert
      Catalog Information: Chandos 9607
    • 12:33 am: Piano Trio

      Composer: Charles Alkan
      Ensembles: Trio Alkan
      Catalog Information: Naxos 555352
    • 12:55 am: Java Suite: Dance No. 2

      Composer: Leopold Godowsky
      Performer: Esther Budiardjo, piano
      Catalog Information: ProPiano 224529
    • 12:56 am: Java Suite: Dance No. 3

      Composer: Leopold Godowsky
      Performer: Esther Budiardjo, piano
      Catalog Information: ProPiano 224529
    • 1:01 am: Lyric Pieces: Det var engang (Once upon a time)

      Composer: Edvard Grieg
      Performer: Alice Sara Ott, piano
      Catalog Information: DG 479463
    • 1:06 am: Symphony "Urbs Roma"

      Composer: Camille Saint-Saens
      Ensembles: French National Radio and Television Orchestra
      Conductor: Jean Martinon
      Catalog Information: EMI 62643
    • 1:48 am: Comedy Overture

      Composer: Ferruccio Busoni
      Ensembles: Rome Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Francesco La Vecchia
      Catalog Information: Naxos 572922
    • 1:56 am: Oror (Lullaby)

      Composer: Alan Hovhaness
      Performer: Rachel Barton Pine, violin
      Catalog Information: Cedille 139
    • 2:01 am: Le Tic-Toc-Choc ou Les Maillotins (The Tic-Toc-Choc (or the mallets))

      Composer: Francois Couperin
      Performer: Angela Hewitt, piano
      Catalog Information: Hyperion 67440
    • 2:03 am: Seconde Courante

      Composer: Francois Couperin
      Performer: Angela Hewitt, piano
      Catalog Information: Hyperion 67440
    • 2:06 am: Balletto

      Composer: Girolamo Frescobaldi
      Performer: Eliot Fisk, guitar
      Catalog Information: MusicMasters 67130
    • 2:16 am: Divertimento after Couperin

      Composer: Richard Strauss
      Ensembles: New York Chamber Symphony
      Conductor: Gerard Schwarz
      Catalog Information: Nonesuch 79145
    • 2:51 am: Bagatelles

      Composer: Norman Dello Joio
      Performer: Yolanda Kondonassis, harp
      Catalog Information: Azica 71281
    • 3:01 am: Oboe Quintet: Canzonetta

      Composer: Theodore Dubois
      Ensembles: Trio Hochelaga
      Performer: Jean-Luc Plourde, viola
      Catalog Information: Atma 2385
    • 3:06 am: Piano Sonata

      Composer: Clara Schumann
      Performer: Isata Kanneh-Mason, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 485002
    • 3:28 am: Symphony No. 1

      Composer: Hans Gal
      Ensembles: Northern Sinfonia
      Conductor: Thomas Zehetmair
      Catalog Information: Avie 2224
    • 4:01 am: Prelude: 2nd movement

      Composer: William Grant Still
      Ensembles: New Zealand String Quartet
      Performer: Alexa Still, flute
      Catalog Information: Koch 7192
    • 4:06 am: Gypsy Songs

      Composer: Sergio Assad
      Performer: Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, violin
      Catalog Information: Nonesuch 79505
    • 4:14 am: Keyboard Suite No. 3

      Composer: George Frideric Handel
      Performer: Murray Perahia, piano
      Catalog Information: Sony 62785
    • 4:29 am: Flute Concerto No. 1

      Composer: Franz Danzi
      Ensembles: Munich Chamber Orchestra
      Performer: Andras Adorjan, flute
      Conductor: Hans Stadlmair
      Catalog Information: Orfeo 3812
    • 4:47 am: Hungarian Sketches

      Composer: Bela Bartok
      Ensembles: Budapest Festival Orchestra
      Conductor: Ivan Fischer
      Catalog Information: Philips 454430
    • 5:01 am: Air and Simple Gifts

      Composer: John Williams
      Ensembles: Enhake
      Catalog Information: Emeritus 20103
    • 5:06 am: Bright Blue Music

      Composer: Michael Torke
      Ensembles: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: David Zinman
      Catalog Information: Argo 433071
    • 5:15 am: Samson: Let the Bright Seraphim

      Composer: George Frideric Handel
      Ensembles: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
      Performer: Renee Fleming, soprano
      Conductor: Harry Bicket
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 3160
    • 5:21 am: Eight Bright Candles

      Composer: David Weintraub
      Ensembles: Eaken Piano Trio
      Catalog Information: Naxos 554714
    • 5:26 am: Old Time Religion

      Composer: Spiritual
      Ensembles: Mormon Tabernacle Choir
      Conductor: Mack Wilberg
      Catalog Information: Mormon Tabernac 917
    • 5:29 am: You Must Have that True Religion

      Composer: Roland M. Carter
      Ensembles: Seraphic Fire
      Conductor: Patrick Dupre Quigley
      Catalog Information: SFM 15
    • 5:33 am: Appalachian Spring: Variations on a Shaker Melody

      Composer: Aaron Copland
      Ensembles: New York Philharmonic
      Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
      Catalog Information: Sony 63082
    • 5:40 am: MLK

      Composer: U2
      Ensembles: Cantus
      Catalog Information: Cantus 1212
    • 5:44 am: The Revenant: Suite

      Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto
      Ensembles: Northwest Sinfonia
      Conductor: Ryuichi Sakamoto
      Catalog Information: Milan 36761
  • 6:00 am: Pipedreams

    Celebrating more than thirty years on the air, Pipedreams is the only weekly radio program that explores the full range of the art and potential of the pipe organ.

  • 7:00 am: With Heart and Voice

    With Heart and Voice presents sacred music that spans the full range of Western classical music, from the Gothic period through the 21st century, with occasional surprises from the non-western tradition.

    Program Playlist

    • 7:00 am: Theme Music: Trumpet Tune in D

      Composer: David N. Johnson
      Performer: "Peter DuBois, organ"
      Catalog Information: Private Recording n/a
    • 7:01 am: Piece Heroique

      Composer: Cesar Franck
      Performer: "Scott Farrell, organ"
      Catalog Information: REGENT REGCD507
    • 7:10 am: O day of peace

      Composer: C H H Parry
      Performer: "Choir of All Saints', Beverly Hills"
      Conductor: Thomas Foster
      Catalog Information: GOTHIC G-49074
    • 7:14 am: Peace Song

      Composer: Tim Brent
      Performer: Georgia State Univ Singers
      Conductor: Deanna Joseph
      Catalog Information: GOTHIC G-49324
    • 7:19 am: The Last Words of David

      Composer: Randall Thompson
      Performer: "Choir of South Main Baptist Church, Houston"
      Conductor: Carey Cannon
      Catalog Information: PRIVATE n/a
    • 7:23 am: MLK

      Composer: arr. Bob Chilcott
      Performer: The Concordia Choir
      Conductor: Rene Clausen
      Catalog Information: CONCORDIA RECORDINGS E-2578
    • 7:26 am: Let Us Love

      Composer: Patrick Hawes
      Performer: The Elora Singers
      Conductor: Noel Edison
      Catalog Information: NAXOS 8.573720
    • 7:30 am: The Lord's Prayer

      Composer: Patrick Hawes
      Performer: The Elora Singers
      Conductor: Noel Edison
      Catalog Information: NAXOS 8.573720
    • 7:32 am: Padre Nuestro

      Composer: Alvaro Bermudez
      Performer: Seraphic Fire
      Conductor: Patrick Dupre Quigley
      Catalog Information: SERAPHIC FIRE MEDIA n/a
    • 7:36 am: For everyone born

      Composer: arr. Tom Trenney
      Performer: Choir of First-Plymouth Congregational Church
      Conductor: Tom Trenney
      Catalog Information: FIRSTPLYMOUTH.ORG n/a
    • 7:42 am: Gentle Words

      Composer: arr. Kevin Siegfried
      Performer: The Tudor Choir
      Conductor: Doug Fullington
      Catalog Information: LOFT LRCD-1041
    • 7:46 am: There's a wideness in God's mercy

      Composer: Maurice Bevan
      Performer: "Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge"
      Conductor: Richard Pinel
      Catalog Information: SIGNUM SIGCD545
    • 7:50 am: Hope for Resolution

      Composer: arr. Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
      Performer: St Olaf Choir
      Conductor: Anton Armstrong
      Catalog Information: ST OLAF E-2651
  • 8:00 am: Sunday Baroque

    Sunday Baroque is a celebration of beloved and appealing music from the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it.

    Program Playlist

    • 8:01 am: Suite #2 in d BWV1008: sarabande

      Performer: Alban Gerhardt - cello
      Label: Hyperion
    • 8:06 am: Passacalles IV

      Performer: Hesperion XX
      Label: Alia Vox
    • 8:08 am: Batalla Imperial

      Performer: Hesperion XX
      Label: Alia Vox
    • 8:13 am: Tiento Ileno

      Performer: Hesperion XX
      Label: Alia Vox
    • 8:20 am: The Nations: 4th Ordre:The Piedmont

      Performer: Hesperion XX
      Label: Fontalis
    • 8:46 am: Concerto for lute & flute in F SC9

      Performer: Tempesta di Mare (Sea Tempest)/Richard Stone - lute/Gwyn Roberts - flute
      Label: Chandos
    • 9:01 am: Sonata

      Performer: Il Giardino Armonico (Harmonic Garden)
      Label: Teldec
    • 9:06 am: Sonata #1 in C op.1

      Performer: Vladimir Soares - recorder/Fabian Grosch - harpsichord
      Label: drama MUSICA
    • 9:20 am: Concerto #5 in g

      Performer: Parley of Instruments
      Label: Hyperion
    • 9:32 am: MESSIAH: air (alto & soprano) - HE SHALL FEED HIS FLOCK LIKE A SHEPHERD

      Performer: Handel and Haydn Society/Daniel Taylor - countertenor/GIllian Keith - soprano
      Label: CORO

      Performer: Handel and Haydn Society
      Label: CORO
    • 9:41 am: First Caprice from Simphonies pour les soupers du Roy

      Performer: Ensemble Orchestral de Paris (Paris Orchestral Ensemble)/Maurice Andre - trumpet
      Label: EMI
  • 10:00 am: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

    Program Playlist

    • 10:00 am: Violin Concerto No. 18

      Composer: Rodolphe Kreutzer
      Ensembles: San Francisco Conservatory Orchestra
      Performer: Axel Strauss, violin
      Conductor: Andrew Mogrelia
      Catalog Information: Naxos 570380
    • 10:01 am: Symphony No. 6: Largo-Allegro

      Composer: William Boyce
      Ensembles: English String Orchestra
      Conductor: William Boughton
      Catalog Information: Nimbus 5345
    • 10:06 am: Triptyque

      Composer: Camille Saint-Saens
      Performer: Ulf Wallin, violin
      Catalog Information: CPO 999946
    • 10:21 am: Trumpet Concerto

      Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
      Ensembles: Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra
      Performer: Paul Merkelo, trumpet
      Conductor: Marios Papadopoulous
      Catalog Information: Sony 803581
    • 10:28 am: New England Triptych: Chester

      Composer: William Schuman
      Ensembles: Virginia Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: JoAnn Falletta
      Catalog Information: AAM 2006
    • 10:33 am: Piano Concerto No. 2

      Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
      Ensembles: Academy of St Martin in the Fields
      Performer: Murray Perahia, piano
      Conductor: Neville Marriner
      Catalog Information: Sony 42401
    • 10:57 am: Song without Words No. 47 (Kinderstuck)

      Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
      Performer: Murray Perahia, piano
      Catalog Information: Sony 66511
    • 11:01 am: Romance No. 2

      Composer: Robert Schumann
      Performer: Albrecht Mayer, oboe
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 478356
    • 11:06 am: Chaconne

      Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
      Ensembles: Musica Antiqua Cologne
      Conductor: Reinhard Goebel
      Catalog Information: Archiv 453418
    • 11:11 am: Prelude Baroque

      Composer: Gioacchino Rossini
      Performer: Stefan Irmer, piano
      Catalog Information: Dabringhaus 618135
    • 11:19 am: Idillo-Concertino

      Composer: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari
      Ensembles: Rome Symphony Orchestra
      Performer: Andrew Tenaglia, oboe
      Conductor: Francesco La Vecchia
      Catalog Information: Naxos 572921
    • 11:44 am: Sarabande: L'Unique

      Composer: Francois Couperin
      Performer: Angela Hewitt, piano
      Catalog Information: Hyperion 67440
    • 11:48 am: Academic Festival Overture

      Composer: Johannes Brahms
      Ensembles: New York Philharmonic
      Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
      Catalog Information: Sony 61846
    • 12:01 pm: El pelele (The Straw Mannequin)

      Composer: Enrique Granados
      Performer: Alicia de Larrocha, piano
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 417795
    • 12:06 pm: Lakme: Flower Duet

      Composer: Leo Delibes
      Ensembles: London Mozart Players
      Performer: Claire Jones, harp
      Conductor: Stuart Morley
      Catalog Information: Silva 6051
    • 12:11 pm: Piano Sonata No. 5

      Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
      Performer: Mitsuko Uchida, piano
      Catalog Information: Philips 420186
    • 12:27 pm: Violin Concerto No. 5

      Composer: Maddalena Laura Sirmen
      Ensembles: Women's Philharmonic
      Performer: Terry Baune, violin
      Conductor: JoAnn Falletta
      Catalog Information: Newport 60102
    • 12:50 pm: Mlada: Procession of the Nobles

      Composer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
      Ensembles: Boston Pops Orchestra
      Conductor: John Williams
      Catalog Information: Philips 426247
    • 12:55 pm: Procession of the Sardar

      Composer: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
      Ensembles: Boston Pops Orchestra
      Conductor: Arthur Fiedler
      Catalog Information: RCA 60700
    • 1:01 pm: Lute Suite "L'Infidele": Sarabande

      Composer: Silvius Weiss
      Performer: Jon Mendle, archguitar
      Catalog Information: In a Circle 4
    • 1:06 pm: Blueprint

      Composer: Caroline Shaw
      Ensembles: Aizuri Quartet
      Catalog Information: New Amsterdam 104
    • 1:15 pm: Horn Concerto

      Composer: Leopold Mozart
      Ensembles: Academy of St Martin in the Fields
      Performer: Barry Tuckwell, horn
      Catalog Information: EMI 69395
    • 1:28 pm: Piano Concerto

      Composer: Robert Schumann
      Ensembles: German Symphony Orchestra
      Performer: Helene Grimaud, piano
      Conductor: David Zinman
      Catalog Information: Erato 11727
    • 2:01 pm: Sure on this Shining Night

      Composer: Morten Lauridsen
      Ensembles: Conspirare
      Conductor: Craig Hella Johnson
      Catalog Information: Harmonia Mundi 907534
    • 2:06 pm: The Demon: Ballet Music

      Composer: Anton Rubinstein
      Ensembles: Minnesota Orchestra
      Conductor: Eiji Oue
      Catalog Information: Reference 71
    • 2:16 pm: Italian Concerto

      Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
      Ensembles: Amadeus Guitar Duo
      Catalog Information: Naxos 573440
    • 2:31 pm: E.T.: Adventures on Earth

      Composer: John Williams
      Ensembles: Vienna Philharmonic
      Conductor: John Williams
      Catalog Information: DG 483637
    • 2:43 pm: Peer Gynt Suite No. 1

      Composer: Edvard Grieg
      Ensembles: San Francisco Symphony
      Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt
      Catalog Information: London/Decca 425857
    • 3:01 pm: Glowing Red Morningstar Lilies

      Composer: Traditional Chinese
      Performer: Lydia Maria Bader, piano
      Catalog Information: Ars Produktion 38566
    • 3:06 pm: Waltz Fantasy

      Composer: Mikhail Glinka
      Ensembles: Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conductor: Loris Tjeknavorian
      Catalog Information: ASV 1075
    • 3:17 pm: Daphne

      Composer: John Playford
      Ensembles: Ensemble Buon Tempo
      Catalog Information: Hanssler 98411
    • 3:19 pm: Cello Concerto

      Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
      Ensembles: London Chamber Orchestra
      Performer: Han-Na Chang, cello
      Conductor: Christopher Warren-Green
      Catalog Information: EMI 34791
    • 3:32 pm: Fifteen Variations and a Fugue on an Original Theme (Eroica Variations)

      Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
      Performer: Emanuel Ax, piano
      Catalog Information: Sony 42086
  • 4:00 pm: Encore Houston

    Encore Houston is a weekly show featuring a concert recording from a local ensemble or performance organization in Houston. Each episode features the concert and brief commentary from host Joshua Zinn, with a preview of an upcoming performance by the featured organization at the end of the program.

  • 6:00 pm: From the Top

    Hosted by acclaimed pianist Christopher O’Riley, From the Top celebrates the amazing performances and captivating stories of extraordinary young classical musicians.


  • 7:06 pm: Music in the Making

    Classical 91.7 interns Joshua Zinn and Zoë Miller bring you a selection of faculty and student ensemble performances from the Moores School at the University of Houston and Rice University's Shepherd School.

  • 8:00 pm: Classical Music

    Live classical music from American Public Media hosts.

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