Harris County Clerk’s Office prepares for election day, says they have extra ballot paper

Cleanliness, tech support, and ballot paper are just some of many ways the clerk’s office is preparing, County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth said.

Voters will see a set up like this on election day, Harris County officials say.
Patricia Ortiz/Houston Public Media
Voters will see a set up like this on election day, Harris County officials say.

The Harris County Clerk's Office is training its election workers at NRG Arena for election day to staff more than 700 voting centers throughout the county — locations that will have more ballots on hand after some issues last year.

Many of the workers are either training to be tech support for election day or organizing materials like N-95 masks and sanitization wipes.

"We know that COVID still exists. Flu season is happening and so they're doing everything from masks to gloves to hand sanitizer wipes," County Clerk Teneisha Hudspeth said.

She said during early voting, there has been some confusion because the city has changed voter boundary lines.

"You may have been in the city before, but now you're not. So check Harris Votes. Voters should feel confident knowing that we are doing all we can to make sure election day is smooth," Hudspeth said.

Anyone who plans to vote can check their voter boundary lines online along with wait times for all polling centers. Locations will also have extra ballot paper on hand after a number of polling locations ran out during last November's election, Hudspeth said.

"We've allocated what each poll would need, vote center, times three. So we're not concerned that there will not be enough paper for this election cycle," she said.

Hudspeth's office took over the administration of the elections after the county's election administrator's office was abolished after an order from the Texas Supreme Court. Technical issues and vote-counting delays have plagued the last few elections in Harris County.

Early voting ends on Friday. Election Day will be next Tuesday.