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National Research Shows an Increase in Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

The report highlights hate speech and negative actions toward Muslims, including cases in Houston.

One percent of the U.S. population practices Islam.

New research from the Council on American Islamic Relations shows a 584 percent surge of hate crimes in the U.S. against Muslims from 2014 to 2016.

Mustafaa Carroll is in charge of the council’s Houston division.

He attributes this increase in part to the rhetoric used by the Trump administration.

“We’ve seen a spike in anti-Muslim bias and rhetoric, and incidents,” says Carroll. “And people boldly now coming out, and coming up to you.”

The researchers collect their data from reports and cases filed at different chapters across the U.S.

Carroll says that during their study they found a particular trend in Houston; more Muslim children were being targeted not only by other students, but by their teachers as well.

“One teacher I remember them saying something like, ‘When Osama bin Laden was killed then I guess,’ told a fellow 8th grader, “… you’re sad today since your cousin was killed,’” says Carroll.

He says from 2013 to 2015 Texas led in anti-Mosque incidences.

Carroll is calling on Houstonians to get to know others who may not share their same beliefs.