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UH Moment: Conrad N. Hilton College Of Hotel And Restaurant Management Celebrates 50th Anniversary

“I like to think that Conrad would be very proud and probably amazed with what he started.”

When Conrad Hilton sat in the Shamrock Hotel 50 years ago and announced a $1.5 million grant to the University of Houston to start a school of hotel and restaurant management, even he could not imagine what his namesake college would become, said Dennis Reynolds, dean of the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Architectural Photography of Front desk area at the Hilton University of Houston

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Reynolds said the program has blossomed into one of the premier hospitality programs in the world by always looking forward.

"Any program can prepare a student for tomorrow, the first job. Our job is to prepare a student for 10 years from now. We have to teach them to solve problems that don't exist yet," Reynolds said.

With an upcoming $30.4 million expansion and renovation of Hilton University of Houston and the creation of a new student-run brewpub and fermentation lab, Hilton College continues to stay on the cutting edge of hospitality.

"It is all about the students. What are we doing differently that will help the students? If we stay keenly focused on that, then we will be in great shape for the next 50," Reynolds said.