UH Moment

UH Moment – Aspire Fund: $50 Million Challenge

“This will change the university’s academic and research profile forever.”

An anonymous donor has pledged $50 million to the University of Houston to lure preeminent faculty from around the globe to establish and support four new institutes.

"This will change the university's academic and research profile forever," said Renu Khator, University of Houston President.

Aspire Fund: The $50 Million Challenge will provide a dollar for dollar match to establish endowed chairs and professorships in institutes focusing on energy, health, resilient infrastructure and global engagement. The gift is the largest single contribution to UH's "Here, We Go" campaign.

"I think giving an anonymous gift inspires us and challenges us. The donor knows that in order to build a great institution you need to have talented, high caliber faculty,” said Khator.

The Aspire Fund challenge is designed to inspire another $50 million in investments from additional donors, making the total impact as much as $100 million and positioning UH to be nationally competitive in attracting top faculty from around the world.

"They have a desire to build a university that is nationally competitive. That is what it takes, a lot of people together working together to build a great institution. I think this will truly take the university to the next level of excellence,” said Khator.