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Hobby School Survey Details Houston’s Harvey Experience

“People just stepped up for each other, they really did.”

Six months after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, new data shows just how many people were affected by the storm. The Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston released the first results from a long-term survey detailing Houston's Harvey Experience.

"We knew the impact was very important and we wanted to look at what people were doing prior to Harvey, during Harvey, and the aftermath," said Jim Granato, executive director of the Hobby School.

Almost one-third of Houston-area residents reported serious flood damage to their homes, and 57 percent lost income or had unplanned expenses. However, almost half of Harris County respondents said they would not support an increase in property or sales taxes to reduce future flooding risk.

"It informs policy members, it informs the public. The most important part is that we are tracking the same people. You watch how people's views evolve," Granato said.

One thing that stood out to Granato was the generosity of Houstonians after the storm. 60 percent of people said they helped friends, family and neighbors while one-third reported receiving help.

"People just stepped up for each other, they really did," Granato said.

Full survey results are available on the Hobby School website.