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UH Moment

UH Moment: Student-Run Coog Radio

“You’re listening to Coog Radio, powered by TDECU, student-run radio from the University of Houston.”


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The legal ID has been streaming through your computer since 2011. Coog Radio is a completely student-run internet radio station broadcasting live from the UH Student Center. Coog Radio exists for one reason:

"It's because the students wanted it. Students wanted a student run station, so three people got together and petitioned for it," said Justin Lyles, station manager for Coog Radio. "We started in the basement of the Engineering building. We've been in the (former) University Center Underground, crammed in a closet, and now we have our fancy studios."

Coog Radio has a pool of about 30 DJs who volunteer for one or two hour shows. Their music and shows are as diverse as the student body...and Houston. Though not all of the staff are majoring in communication or related studies, all are learning from radio.

Coog Radio

"The fun and appeal of student-run radio is that it's the student voice. Coog Radio is for the student," said programming director Trent Lira. "We have people from all kinds of majors that are involved in Coog Radio. I'm a theater major, but I'm interested in college radio."

Coog Radio features sports and talk shows and covers many University events, such as the Student Government Association debates. They receive and broadcast public service announcement for campus organizations, and hear from various musical artists who want to reach the Coog audience. ...because if you're listening to college radio, it is about the music.

"We're basically a beacon for local artists. We like to find local Houston artists," Lira said.

"We've had Only Beast in here a bunch, local rappers like Kyle Hubbard and we've played The Suffers," added Lyles.

Indeed, Coog Radio volunteers provide news and blogs about area music festivals, album reviews and artist interviews. (Here, Lira interviewed The Suffers before the Houston band found its national limelight) There are others Coog Radio would like bring to their studios:

"It would be cool to have Drake in here, since he spends so much time in Houston," Lira said. "There also is a great Houston band I love called Children of Pop."


Lyles does not disagree, though his wish list is a bit loftier.

"I'm a big NPR fan so if Robert Siegel wants to come in that would be great, or I'd love for anyone from Houston Matters to come in," he said. "If Beyoncé wants to come in, we'd be willing to give her some time on the air."

Coog Radio is part of what's happening at the University of Houston. I'm Marisa Ramirez