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Skyline Sessions

Skyline Sessions: Cavetown

Watch the young UK sensation perform on the station roof.

Cavetown is the musical project of Robin Skinner, a 20-year-old UK singer-songwriter who crafts emotionally bare, melodically sweet bedroom-pop. The son of a professional flautist and the director of music at Cambridge University, Skinner grew up immersed in creativity and processed his teenage angst by making music. “I write songs about things that I don’t know how to explain and feelings that I don’t know how to manage,” he says. “It’s kind of a healthy way for me to get them out of my head and into a physical thing that I have some control over.” Skinner’s music resonates with a massive, young fanbase who follow him through his YouTube channel, where Skinner posts official Cavetown videos, as well as homemade videos in which he performs cover songs and answers fan questions. As of this writing, his videos have racked up well over 35M views. And on Spotify, one of his songs (“This Is Home”) has amassed over 20M streams.

While on a Houston tour stop, Skinner visited Skyline Sessions to record “Talk to Me” and “Things That Make It Warm.”

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