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Skyline Sessions: Madeline Edwards

Watch the Houston-based jazz/soul singer perform in the studio.

Madeline Edwards describes her music as a cross between the cool California jazz she heard as a kid, and the southern soul/R&B she was exposed to when the family moved from Santa Barbara, California to Houston. “You can hear a little bit of Ella Fitzgerald; you can hear a little bit of Amy Winehouse; you can hear a little bit of Etta James and Ray Charles,” says Edwards. “It’s a good conscious blend. I tried to do that intentionally.”

She’s releasing a full-length album, MADE, in the fall. The title, says Edwards, is a play on her name, Madeline, and also the tendency of people to equate success with unattainable levels of fame. “I don’t need to have millions and millions of dollars and this Beyonce status to feel like I’ve made it in life,” she says. “I’m really happy doing what I’m doing right now, and hopefully people can see the same thing–that they don’t need to achieve these high levels of success to be content with where they are in their lives.”

Edwards, with bassist Ryan Owens and drummer “Tank” Lisenbe, visited Houston Public Media to record the original songs “Killin Me” and “Tryna Make Sense”–the first single off her upcoming album MADE.

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