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Skyline Sessions: Pete Yorn

Watch the acclaimed singer-songwriter perform acoustic in the studio.

Since his 2001 debut album musicforthemorningafter, Pete Yorn has released six albums of angsty, critically acclaimed rock.

The multi-instrumentalist took some time off after 2016’s ArrangingTime to raise his daughter — the period did produce an EP collaboration with actress Scarlett Johansson (2018’s Apart) — but a recent burst of creativity led to a whole new album, which will be released later this summer.

Yorn attributes the inspiration to meeting a fellow musician, Jackson Phillips of the band Day Wave, with whom he developed a good studio vibe.

“When we met,” says Yorn, “it was one of those interactions where we locked right in. When we got into the studio together–he had a great setup at his house, this environment that’s super creative, and that’s how I like to record.”

While on a solo acoustic tour in May, Yorn visited Houston Public Media to record the first acoustic studio performances of the songs “Calm Down” and “Can’t Stop You,” the first two singles off his upcoming new album.

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