Skyline Sessions

Skyline Sessions: Adia Victoria

Watch the Nashville-based blueswoman perform in the George B. Geary Performance Studio.

Adia Victoria is a singer-songwriter and poet based in Nashville. Her musical flavor of choice is the blues, but not the appropriated version that’s been hybridized into rock subgenres and virtually disconnected from its roots in black culture and history. In a 2016 interview, Victoria said she wanted to “put the fangs back into the blues,” and her songs contain disturbing imagery, sardonic humor and painful experiences of Southern inequality–a dangerousness missing from contemporary portrayals of the blues. And in effect, it’s a wholly contemporary redefinition of the genre. While in Houston for a concert at White Oak Music Hall, Victoria visited Houston Public Media’s George B. Geary Performance Studio to record the songs “Heathen” and “Bring Her Back,” both from her acclaimed 2019 album Silences.

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Troy Schulze

Troy Schulze

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