Skyline Sessions

Video: Fat Tony Performs Prince’s “Erotic City” In The Geary Studio

The Houston-based rap artist delivers a slinky cover of Prince’s notorious 1984 b-side classic.

Acclaimed local rap artist Fat Tony visited Houston Public Media’s Geary Studio to record Prince’s 1984 song “Erotic City,” the b-side to the single “Let’s Go Crazy,” from the juggernaut album Purple Rain. Though “Erotic City” contains sexual references, and there is debate over whether a specific f-word in the song is or isn’t “funk,” it was Purple Rain‘s “Darling Nikki” that ignited Tipper Gore’s fight to make the music industry label records for explicit content, due to the song’s reference to masturbation. While, over the years, Prince toned down his lyrical eroticism for more emotional, spiritual and political matters, “Erotic City” will always be remembered as one of Prince’s naughtiest songs.

This video is included on the Houston PBS special Skyline Sessions: The Prince Edition, airing Friday, May 20, 8:30pm, on TV 8.