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Skyline Sessions

Skyline Sessions: SRO Productions’ ‘Defy Gravity’

Watch singers perform selections from the Stephen Schwartz songbook.


Cast members perform songs from the musical revue Defy Gravity: A Stephen Schwartz Songbook, presented by Houston’s Standing Room Only Productions. In this video, singer Sydney Roberts performs “Since I Gave My Heart Away” from Geppetto & Son; singer Eduardo Tercero performs “Cold Enough to Snow” from Life with Mickey; and pianist/musical director John Cornelius plays “Magic to Do” from Pippen.

Defy Gravity runs through August 2 at Obsidian Art Space.

Listen to Houston Public Media’s St.John Flynn talk with producer John Lazo, musical director John Cornelius and singers Eduardo Tercero and Sydney Roberts here.

Troy Schulze

Troy Schulze

Producer, Houston Matters

Troy Schulze is a producer for Houston Matters. He also produces the podcast Party Politics and the digital video series Skyline Sessions. Schulze has been working as a writer and producer in digital media for over 20 years. He has received three Emmy nominations for his work on the TV...

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