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Mockingbird & Armadillo

WATCH: Inside the Astronauts Homes | Mockingbird and Armadillo

Visit Timber Cove in Seabrook, Texas – The Home of Heroes!

The community of Timber Cove (Outside of Houston, near Clear Lake) became the home of many of America’s greatest heroes from NASA. John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Pete Conrad, Jack Kinzler and others ended up calling this neighborhood home. They gathered for parties, mowed their lawns, and taught swimming in the Mercury capsule shaped community pool. They often gathered and spoke of their dreams and shared ideas that would live on in their amazing work. It is also a community that came together to support each other during the more difficult times, the uncertain resolution of Apollo 13, or the Challenger disaster. Through it all, Timber Cove has stood strong and proud – reminding us of the amazing things that can be accomplished by the people next door, down the street, around the corner, or in your own home.

On this episode of Mockingbird & Armadillo, Ernie and Crew tour Jim Lovell’s House (nick-named “Lovell’s Levels”), and visit with the family of the man who designed the flag that flies on the moon, Jack Kinzler.