I SEE U, Episode 62: Albright Horizons

Acclaimed saxophonist Gerald Albright reminisces about how his unique sound of pulsating jazz and instrumental R&B has influenced and transformed the lives of music legends, artists and fans across the globe.


Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Gerald Albright


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Gerald Albright is one of the most sought-after musicians in the world of contemporary jazz. The iconic saxophonist has been recording music for nearly four decades with eight Grammy Award nominations to show for it. And with his signature blend of funk, soul and R&B, much of his productions create the perfect mood for love and romance. But despite the success of smooth jazz back in the early 90's, today's commercial radio won't touch the format. Join Host Eddie Robinson as I SEE U continues its ongoing series dedicated to exploring the predominantly African-American musical format of smooth jazz with renown musician, Gerald Albright. The veteran instrumentalist offers up his candid insight on how station clustering and computer automation may have contributed to its decline, but he remains optimistic of a new generation of performers and innovative musicians who are working to reinvigorate its future.


This article is part of the I SEE U with Eddie Robinson podcast

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Eddie Robinson

Eddie Robinson

Executive Producer & Host, I SEE U

A native of Mississippi, Eddie started his radio career as a 10th grader, working as a music jock for a 100,000-Watt (Pop) FM station and a Country AM station simultaneously. While Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus had nominated him for the U.S. Naval Academy in 1991, Eddie had an extreme passion...

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