I SEE U, Episode 21: Grown and Trill

What happens when hip-hop stars age? Award-winning artist and member of the rap duo UGK, Bun B., and hip-hop historian, Maco Faniel, candidly discuss aging in hip-hop.


Bun B


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Often seen as an expression of youth culture, hip hop as a musical genre is almost FIFTY! That means that hip hop's earliest fans are also aging. Now parents, professionals, and caregivers, they are asking: can you be fully adult—Grown—and stay true to the love of the music that shaped your childhood? In Houston hip hop culture, the word Trill, which is a combination of the terms true and real, is used to describe people and things that are authentic and rooted in the culture. On this episode, we learn what Texas hip hop icon Bun B can tell us about coming of age in hip hop. We discuss his highly successful career, life after the death of Pimp C – the other half of the mega-duo UGK – and his role as a civic leader, a university lecturer and potential political candidate. Author of Houston Hip Hop: The Origin and Legacy, Maco Faniel, offers historical context for understanding the evolution of the Houston hip hop sound and the unique contributions it has made to the genre as a whole. Ultimately we want to know, will our love of hip hop follow us through our entire lives? Will the soundtrack of our youth also be the soundtrack to our parties at the senior center? Find out as we explore how to be ‘Grown and Trill' on this episode of I SEE U.


This article is part of the podcast I SEE U with Eddie Robinson

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