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Full Show: CERAWeek, And What Braille Can Teach Us About The Brain (March 5, 2018)

On Monday’s Houston Matters: We learn why there are so many Congressional seats in the Houston area up for grabs this year. Then, we learn about about a couple conferences happening in Houston this week: the energy summit CERAWeek and a gathering of Braille experts and researchers. Plus deli icon Ziggy Gruber talks about his craft. And Jeff Balke discusses the week in sports.

On Monday’s Houston Matters: Tomorrow is Election Day in the Texas primary races, and there are an unusually large number of open U.S. Congressional seats this year. News 88.7’s Andrew Schneider explains why. Then, energy leaders from around the world are in Houston this week. We talk with Rice University’s Chuck McConnell about CERAWeek.

Also this hour: We learn about a gathering in Houston of researchers and educators to discuss Braille, the writing system that allows people who are blind to read by touch. Despite so many technological advances, Braille is far from obsolete.

Plus, we hear from Houston deli icon Ziggy Gruber of Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen. He’s one of the subjects of the documentary Deli Man. And Jeff Balke joins us to talk Houston sports.

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