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New year, new pet peeves about driving in Houston

We devote time each month to Houstonian pet peeves, and of course, a lot of them are about traffic.

Pet Peeves


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On the first Monday of the month, Houston Matters sets aside time for those smaller annoyances, the minor frustrations that make our lives in The Bayou City just a little less than they could be. We call it Houstonian pet peeves, and it's your chance to sweat the small stuff. Why take this time? Because you can't tackle the major challenges of life if you let the minor ones bring you down.

For this month, we engage in our first round of Houstonian pet peeves for 2024:

  • Neil notes that "If it's Houston it must be a traffic pet peeve," as he focuses on a common occurrence on Houston roads, "I come across more and more people not quite moving all the way over to the left turn lane, blocking the forward movement of everyone behind them. Do they not know the size of their vehicle? Are they not sure about turning left? Is it fear of commitment? Whatever, just pick a lane and be in it, please."

We also share some peeves that came in since our last discussion in early December:

  • Craig writes: "One of my biggest is these people that have phone conversations using the speaker on their cell phone. It’s bad enough to have to hear the noise and half of the conversations are very personal and disturbing. Everywhere you go people are doing this. Ugh."
  • Patrick wants to know, "How do so many people not know how to make a turn on a divided boulevard (and Houston has so many)? So many people turn into the intersection and put themselves on the wrong (close/lefthand) side. It's dangerous but it is also just illogical! That cross street has lanes for a reason."
  • However, it's not all about traffic as Peter says, "It drives me bonkers when political reporters refer to ‘the modern era,' ‘The only president in the modern era to do such and such,' ‘The first time this has happened in the modern era,' etc. What is this modern era of which they speak? Post-WW2? Post-Cold War? 21st century?"

Plus, as we look ahead to Super Bowl Sunday, here's a peeve this Houstonian will likely endure:

  • Sally writes "I get irked by the overused word, Physicality. When did that become a word! Now every sportscaster talks about an athlete's physicality. What does that mean?"

In the audio above, you can hear more Houstonian pet peeves and reactions from host Craig Cohen and our guests, the Houston Chronicle's Lisa Gray and the Scurfield Group's Craig Hlavaty.