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Bagging, cliches, and holly, jolly Christmases: Houstonian pet peeves for December

Each month, we ask listeners to sweat the small stuff, so they don’t district from life’s bigger challenges.

Houston Pet Peeves


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On the first Monday of each month we set aside time for those smaller annoyances, the minor frustrations that make our lives in the Bayou City just a little less than they could be. We call it Houstonian Pet Peeves, and it's your chance to sweat the small stuff. Why take this time? Because you can't tackle the major challenges of life if you let the minor ones bring you down.

As always, in the audio above, we’re joined by Lisa Gray, Op-Ed editor for the Houston Chronicle... and public relations specialist Craig Hlavaty from The Scurfield Group.

Among the topics covered in this installment: grocery store peeves, including Houstonians’ frustrations with groceries bagged one item per bag, shopping carts blocking parking spaces, drivers failing to yield to pedestrians, and customers not waiting their turn at the deli counter.

We also discuss turns of phrase that get (over)used in media. Listeners share contempt for examples including: “at this point in time,” and “game-changer.” And host Craig Cohen engages in a rant about some sportscasters’ tendencies to use athletes’ first and last names on seemingly every reference. (It’s okay to just say “Stroud” after you’ve identified you’re talking about “C.J.” the first time).

And Cohen, who noted pre-show that Burl Ives’ “Holly, Jolly Christmas” seemed to be stalking him while running errands over the weekend, learned he was not the only one experiencing that, as a listener named Sarah writes: “I love Christmas songs and there are so many good ones. So why do we hear the same two songs every where you go in every store? Holly Jolly Christmas is not the only song out there!”

We welcome your Houstonian pet peeves, any time, at talk@houstonmatters.org.