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Houston Matters

Houstonians Share Their Worst Dating Stories

No matter how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, it could always be worse.

No matter how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, in dating it could always be worse.


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No matter how you’re spending this Valentine’s Day, in the dating world it could always be worse.

In fact, you've probably experienced worse at some point in your life — a date that was, well, a bit of a dud. Or maybe even so terrible, ridiculous, or downright dumbfounding that you pondered a life of solitude in response.

Well, we’ve all been there. Dating is terrible until it isn’t.

In the audio above, Houston Matters shares a collection of Houstonians’ bad dates, featuring News 88.7 voices either talking about their own experience or reading a story we received from one of your fellow listeners.

And you can read some highlights below.

Dates can sometimes go so bad they end in wedding bells — for someone else.


One listener told us that during a date the guy burst into tears and admitted to her that he has a girlfriend — but their relationship was in trouble. However, instead of ending the date, the woman talks with him for a while and gives him some advice.

A week later, she gets an email from him thanking her for all her advice and adding that he and his girlfriend are now engaged.

“I went on a date so bad it started a marriage,” she said.


  • A guy doesn’t show up for a date because he fell asleep
  • A date says she doesn’t want the guy she’s on a date with to spend time with his two attractive female friends
  • A date getting hijacked by another person — only to discover it wasn’t ever a date to begin with
  • Someone getting dumped via a note left on her car
  • A date who shows up wearing dragons on nearly every article of his clothing — and body