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How A Houston Rapper Turned His Life Around After Prison

SaulPaul talks about his new book, Be the Change: A Story of Transformation.

Houston Rapper and Musician SaulPaul
Houston rapper and musician SaulPaul.

SaulPaul got off to a bit of a rough start.

His mother died when he was 3. Raised by his grandmother in a rough neighborhood, the aspiring rapper wound up in prison in his early 20s.

Once paroled, he vowed never to go back — and he didn’t.

He graduated with honors from the University of Texas and devoted himself to his music and motivating and inspiring others.

Recently, he was featured on a Grammy-nominated children’s hip hop album called The Love, by the Alphabet Rockers where he performed a song called Until You’re Free with 123 Andres.

He writes about all this in his new book Be the Change: A Story of Transformation.

In the audio above, SaulPaul shares some of his story and his music with Houston Matters host Craig Cohen.