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Bill Nye Says Humanity Has The Best Quality Of Life In Its History — Because Of Science

The beloved host of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” talks about why science and the exploration of space still matter.

Bill Nye, science advocate, educator, and television host.


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Bill Nye says science is why humanity has such a good quality of life, compared to the rest of its history.

“If you couldn’t pick where on earth you would be born, but you could pick when, this would be the time. As screwed up as things seem to be in so many ways it’s actually better for more people than ever, and that’s because of science.”

Nye, of course, is the science advocate and educator who first gained acclaim in the 1990s on public television as Bill Nye The Science Guy.

He was in town last week to deliver the keynote address at the 2019 SpaceCom Expo, an annual conference focused on the commercial space industry. These days he’s the CEO of The Planetary Society, an organization dedicated to advancing space science and exploration.

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Screen Capture
A scene from “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” which ran on PBS television stations from 1993-1998.

While in Houston, Nye told Houston Matters producer Joshua Zinn why he’s still a champion for science, saying society will need more critical thinkers in order to solve problems like climate change and feeding the planet’s ballooning population.

Bill Nye and Joshua Zinn
Courtesy – Joshua Zinn
Engineer, science advocate, and television host Bill Nye with Houston Matters producer Joshua Zinn.

He also talked about what excites him about space exploration — namely finding life on another planet. Nye said he’d like to be alive if and when proof of alien life is found. It would change history.

“Everybody would feel differently about being a living thing in the cosmos,” he said. “It would be extraordinary. It would be like Copernicus or Galileo or one of these things. And that’s within our grasp — that sort of exploration — because we can build space craft, and we can land them on Mars.”

He says Mars is still a logical place to look for signs of ancient life. But organisms could still be living on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, he says.

You can hear his full conversation on Houston Matters in the audio above.

Bill Nye and Brenda Ruiz
Courtesy – Brenda Ruiz
Engineer, science advocate, and television host Bill Nye with Houston Matters producer Brenda Ruiz at the 2019 SpaceCom Expo.
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