Houston Matters

Monday’s Show: Talking About Politics, And Doubts About The Severity Of The Doctor Shortage (Nov. 25, 2019)

On Monday’s Houston Matters: A rollback of chemical plant safety measures, improving our national dialogue about politics, a survey casts some doubt on the severity of the doctor shortage, and an update on local sports.

On Monday’s Houston Matters: The Trump administration is scaling back chemical plant safety measures put in place after a Texas fertilizer plant explosion in 2013 that killed 15 people. We learn more:

Also this hour: News 88.7’s Elizabeth Trovall tells us about a deported father fighting for custody of his three children who are in the foster care system in Texas:

Then, in our nation’s current political divide, we discuss how we as a society can retrain ourselves to stop bickering and start listening in order to create more meaningful dialogue on contentious issues. And we learn about efforts to address this from the Houston chapter of the American Leadership Forum:

Plus, we often hear about a doctor shortage, but a recent survey from the Texas Medical Center suggests it might not be as severe as originally thought:

And Jeff Balke updates us on Houston sports:


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