Houston Matters

Full Show: Border Security, And Vocalist Kristen Hertzenberg (Jan. 3, 2019)

On Thursday’s Houston Matters: We consider the reality of a border wall as the government shutdown continues over border security. Plus, we talk about sleep and sleep disorders, and vocalist Kristen Hertzenberg talks about growing up in Houston and previews an upcoming performance.

On Thursday’s Houston Matters: the partial government shutdown continues as President Trump holds out for funding for a border wall. What do policymakers at the U.S.-Mexico border actually think about the wall and other border security proposals? We check in with the Texas Tribune’s Julián Aguilar.

Also this hour: Sleep is a basic human necessity, yet so many of us have troubles getting to sleep, and staying asleep. We talk with sleep expert Dr. Sudha Tallavahjula

Then, Ernie Manouse talks with vocalist Kristen Hertzenberg to preview her upcoming performance, featuring classic showtunes. 

WATCH: Today’s Houston Matters 360-Degree Facebook Live Video.

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