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Houston Matters

Full Show: Uninsured In Houston, And Our Grackle Infestation (Dec. 12, 2018)

On Wednesday’s Houston Matters: We examine who’s uninsured in Greater Houston and why. Then, our local experts break down the latest political stories. Plus, we discuss parallels between Frankenstein and issues in health care today. And we investigate Houston’s grackle infestation.


On Wednesday’s Houston Matters: We recently told you that Texas has the largest share of children without health insurance in the country. Now, a new report from the Urban Institute offers a more detailed look at who is uninsured in Greater Houston.

Also this hour: Our local experts break down the latest political stories with an eye for how they might affect Houston and Texas.

Then we talk with Dr. Andrew Childress about parallels between Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and issues in healthcare today. And we investigate the reasons behind Houston’s grackle infestation.

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