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Houston Matters

Houston’s Holiday Pet Peeves For 2018

Houston Matters offers listeners a chance to share with the rest of Greater Houston their pet peeves about life In The Bayou City.


Every few months or so, we like to give you the opportunity to vent. It could be something about Houston, like the traffic or the weather. It could be something about your life. It could be something you just wished was a little bit different. It's your pet peeve, that one thing that sticks in your craw, that you just have to vent about, that makes your life in Houston just a little bit less that in could be. Oh, if ONLY!

Well, today is another one of those days! Vent! Share with the rest of Greater Houston that one thing about your life and times here that you wish you could change. That one thing that just raises your blood pressure a little, or takes some wind out of your sails. C'mon. Don't bottle it up. Let it out.

(Just please don't swear – that's our pet peeve – listeners who can't control themselves. It also could earn us a fine from the FCC).

So bring on your Houstonian pet peeves. We all need to vent a little — even in our beloved Houston.

Lisa Gray of the Houston Chronicle joins host Craig Cohen for this round.