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Barry Bostwick Reflects on the Cult Phenomenon That is ‘Rocky Horror’

The actor is in Houston for a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Actor Barry Bostwick at a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


When referring to something as a "cult hit" — some kind of property that became significantly more popular well after its release — there are few examples more indicative of that concept than The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

While the film version of Richard O'Brien's sci-fi and horror-infused stage musical, The Rocky Horror Show, was not well received upon its release in 1975, it has since developed a huge following around the world. The movie is regularly screened for audiences who dress up as the characters, bring props, and — probably most notably — shout things at the screen in response to (or in antici...pation of) certain lines and other things onscreen.

This weekend, Society for the Performing Arts will screen the film with special guest Barry Bostwick, the actor who portrays Brad Majors in the film.

Ahead of the screening, Houston Matters producer Joshua Zinn spoke with Bostwick about his experiences filming the movie and his favorite stories from the film's passionate fans.