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Scott Kelly’s Photographs Showcase ‘Infinite Wonder’ of Space

The former astronaut has a new book of images he shot during his year in space.

Scott Kelly - Earth Photo
A photo of earth by former astronaut Scott Kelly taken during his time on the International Space Station. It’s featured in his collection of photography, Infinite Wonder.


Scott Kelly - Infinite Wonder - Book CoverIn 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly returned home to earth after spending nearly a full year aboard the International Space Station as part of an experiment studying the long-term effects on the human body of living in space.

Now, Kelly has a new book of photographs from his year in space called Infinite Wonder (on sale Oct. 30).

Last fall, Houston Matters producer Joshua Zinn spoke with Kelly about his memoir of that year in space called Endurance. They spoke about the challenges of re-adjusting to life back on earth and the toll on his body.

Former astronaut Scott Kelly
Former astronaut Scott Kelly.

In the introduction of the book, Kelly talks about how terrible his body felt shortly after returning because it was still adjusting to the gravity that hadn't been present for almost a year.

Kelly will hold a book signing at Brazos Bookstore on Oct. 28 at 5 p.m.