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The Joys of Managing Your Dog’s Career

We learn how a Chicago dog owner turned posting her pet’s pictures on social media into her full-time job.

Manny the Frenchie, a French bulldog with millions of followers on social media.

Want to quit your job and just manage your dog’s career instead? That’s exactly what Amber Chavez did a few years back.

She and her boyfriend Jon Huang are the owners of Manny The Frenchie, a French bulldog with millions of followers on social media. 

When Manny was a puppy, Chavez and Huang posted some photos of him on Instagram to share with friends and family. But then they noticed his number of followers kept growing and growing — possibly, she says, because Manny likes to “speak,” he sleeps in the occasional bathroom sink, he doesn’t mind wearing clothes, and is just so gosh-darned cute.

Before they knew it, Manny had millions of followers, a website, merchandise for sale, and even a national tour (that’s how Houston Matters caught up with him in April of 2015 at his tour stop in Pearland).

Because of all that, Chavez was able to make one major lifestyle change.

“This is what I do full time,” she said. “I quit my job about two years ago to focus fully on Manny.”

She says, despite how laid back that job might sound, it can still be hectic.

“It gets pretty busy when we are travelling, like right now with the tour,” Chavez said. “But, honestly, when we get home we really want Manny and the rest of the dogs to just live a dog’s life. So we try to keep it as simple as possible.”

And by “other dogs” she means she and her boyfriend own five other pups along with Manny, who’s the “middle child.” He and his siblings live in Chicago.


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Senior Producer, Houston Matters

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