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Houston Runner: Taking On A Half Marathon Makes You ‘Half Crazy’

Houston runner Sandra Ruiz says when she told her family she was running a half marathon, they said she was “half crazy.” So, what does it mean now that she’s finished five full marathons?

Houston runner Sandra Ruiz.
Houston runner Sandra Ruiz competes in the 2017 Chevron Houston Marathon.

Houstonian Sandra Ruiz got inspired to become a runner several years ago when her daughter was on the cross country team. Now, she’s run more than 2,400 miles — in just the past year.

Ruiz runs every day. She gets up in the morning at 4 a.m. to meet her friend at 4:30. They’re done running by 6 — just in time to go to work.

She ran her first half marathon in 2014.

“To which my kids said I was half crazy,” Ruiz said. “And I surprised them when I announced that I would run a full marathon the following year — proving that I was fully crazy.”

Since then, Ruiz has run in five marathons and has qualified for both the Boston and New York City marathons.