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Full Show: Opioid Intervention, And Harvey Recovery Update (June 18, 2018)

On Monday’s Houston Matters: Could Houston house immigrant minors detained at the U.S.-Mexico border? Then, a new report says thousands of homes are at risk from rising tides. Also, we learn about a new intervention program for opioid abuse. We get an update on Harvey recovery efforts. And we discuss the latest Houston sports news.

On Monday’s Houston Matters: Could Houston house immigrant minors detained at the U.S.-Mexico border? The Houston Chronicle reported late last week a Texas nonprofit that contracts with the federal government to house unaccompanied immigrant children has signed a lease with a warehouse downtown near BBVA-Compass Stadium. The news comes as protests heated up over the weekend near the Trump administration’s first temporary detention facility for migrant children, which was quickly set up late last week in the small desert town of Tornillo, just outside of El Paso. We bring you a report from the facility.

Then, a new report says climate change could threaten thousands of homes along the Texas Gulf Coast. The Union of Concerned Scientists’ report says within the next 30 years, some 5,000 coastal homes in the Galveston area alone are at risk for “chronic inundation” from high tides. We learn more from one of the scientists behind the report.

Also this hour: Houston, like many communities across the country, has a serious opioid problem. But there isn’t sufficient data on the extent of the problem here. We learn about a new intervention program aimed at addressing the problem. Plus, there are many Houstonians still in recovery mode nine months after Harvey. We get an update on how the process is going. And Jeff Balke updates us on local sports.

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