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Full Show: Comparing The Oil Boom In North Dakota To Houston, And Estimating Syrian War Victims (June 12, 2018)

On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: We consider issues looming over this year’s meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. Then, a new book compares how the recent oil boom affected North Dakota compared to Greater Houston. Also, Rice University researchers are using data science to estimate the number of civilian casualties in Syria. And we visit an exhibit of Andy Warhol’s photographs at UH.



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On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: Gov. Greg Abbott told the Southern Baptist Convention this morning that America is at a time of crisis. But are Southern Baptists facing their own crisis within their church? We consider the issues looming over this year's event in light of scandals surrounding a major pastor.

Also this hour: Mention Texas to some people in North Dakota and you might not like what you hear. Some in that state resent the money many Texas oil companies made at their state's expense from fracking there. Journalist Maya Rao addresses that sentiment and other issues in her book Great American Outpost: Dreamers, Mavericks and the Making of an Oil Frontier.

Plus, we learn how some Rice University researchers are using data science and statistics to make a more accurate estimate of those killed in the war in Syria. And we visit a collection of some 66,000 photographs by artist Andy Warhol at the University of Houston.

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