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Some College Campuses Have Squirrels Or Feral Cats – Sam Houston State Has Chickens

A new children’s book tells the story of Sam Houston State through the eyes of its numerous campus-dwelling chickens.

Sam Houston State Chicken
One of the many chickens that live on the campus of Sam Houston State University.


The Story of the Sam Houston ChickensSome college campuses are known for their populations of overly tame squirrels. Others might have feral cats. Some even have the occasional raccoon or possum. But Sam Houston State University has chickens. That's right – a handful of chickens have made the college campus in Huntsville their home, and they've multiplied.

The chickens have become something of an institution on campus – so much so that the university has released a new children's book about them. It tells the history of the school through the eyes of one of the chickens. It's called The Story of the Sam Houston Chickens.

Casey Roon, curator of exhibits for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, served as advisor and editor for the book, and she tells us more.

SHSU public relations students were involved in creating the book and art student Victoria Gillis illustrated it.