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Inside The World Of Competitive Scrabble Playing In Houston

Houston Matters visits a local club of Scrabble enthusiasts who play competitively.

Scrabble Competition
Members of the Houston Scrabble Club play competitively.

If you like board games, you're probably familiar with Scrabble, the puzzle game where you draw tiles of different letters and spell out words on a board, accumulating points as you do so based on the letters you use and where you place them.

Most of us probably play the game casually, but — as with just about any board game with a win objective — Scrabble also gets played competitively. In fact, there is a national Scrabble tournament held each year by the North American Scrabble Players Association.

Back in 2017, Houston Matters producer Joshua Zinn visited a local club of Scrabble players to talk about the competitive Scrabble experience.