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Fans Of Minecraft Converge On NRG Center

Houston Matters visits Minefaire, the convention for fans of the video game Minecraft.

Minefaire Costume Contest
Kids compete in a Minecraft costume contest at Minefaire, a travelling expo for the video game, at NRG Center, May 19, 2018.


Fans of the video game Minecraft converged on Houston last weekend (May 19-20) for Minefaire: The Ultimate Minecraft Experience, a hands-on interactive festival of all things Minecraft.

If you haven't played it – or you don't have kids – Minecraft is a series of video games that's like virtual Legos. Players can build an endless possibility of scenes and environments, in which they can do whatever their imagination (and sometimes their coding abilities) will allow.

Michael Hagerty went to NRG Center to meet the event's organizers, some Minecraft fans, and their parents to learn why this game is such a phenomenon.

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